Professional Services

E&K Cleaning provides tailor-made services, including contract cleaning, external wall and curtain wall cleaning, after renovation cleaning, shop and office cleaning and daily household cleaning etc. Please kindly contact our professional team by 2357 9603 for free on-site inspection and quotation.

Professional ramp services and cabin cleaning

E&K Cleaning endeavors to provide ramp services and cabin cleaning.  We also deliver manpower and professional supporting services to facilitate our customer to maintain the highest operation standard. 

Facility Cleaning

E&K Cleaning provides solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of a particular facility. We offer comprehensive services at different stages from site visit, professional advice and assessment, solution execution and on-going facility maintenance.

Contract Cleaning

Provision of professional contract cleaning service is our core business. Our service areas include housing estates, industrial and commercial buildings, schools, public facilities, markets and so on. E&K Cleaning continues to provide higher standard of cleaning service to customers through extensive experience and depth of capabilities.

External wall and curtain wall cleaning

E&K Cleaning has professional mobile team which specializes in providing external wall and curtain wall cleaning service. We endeavor to deliver total solution and technical support to truly meet customers' needs.

After construction cleaning

E&K Cleaning provides diversified services. We offer after construction cleaning services according to the scale of property project. Our experienced cleaning professionals are equipped with the most advanced chemicals, equipment and cleaning products. These factors, in combination with effective communication, on-the-job cleaning training, and a thorough post-cleaning inspection, help us to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

After renovation cleaning

E&K Cleaning provides after renovation cleaning service for residential and commercial units. We clean the unit to the full satisfaction of customer before it was handed over to customer.

Carpet cleaning

Our technical team has extensive experience and technical knowledge, with appropriate materials, machines and tools to provide professional carpet cleaning service and then make carpet be more durable and decent. Regular cleaning can also prevent the breeding of bacteria and insects.

Shop and office cleaning

Cleaning environment is very important to the corporate image in retail business and office. We tailor cleaning solutions to all different types of customers. Also, we create the highest possible service value to customers with cost effective and flexible way.

Daily household cleaning

E&K Cleaning has developed a comprehensive service platform to provide quality and reliable cleaning service for large scale of housing estates and residential units. Our professional customer services team provides free services for quotation and consultation. We served over thousands of residential units for 10 years.

Waste treatment and recycling

E&K Cleaning not only strives to providing quality cleaning service, but also concerns environmental protection works. Our professional mobile team always stands by to serve customer and deliver waste treatment and recycling service.

Water tank cleaning

E&K Cleaning has qualified technical team with Certificate of certified worker of confined space operation. It ensures that water tank cleaning works are implemented under safe condition. It also protects our staff and guarantee water quality.

Stone maintenance and restoration

With extensive experience in stone maintenance and restoration, our technical team can provide free site visit. To ensure service quality, we will provide appropriate maintenance and restoration services.