Integrated Management System

A good start through the strong commitment of E&K Cleaning to achieve quality, environmental, health and safety excellence.

Quality Management

E&K Cleaning has implemented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and established a comprehensive management method so as to manage risks and to raise customer satisfaction. We were awarded the certificates of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and also Integrated Management in November 2010. It demonstrates our management totally meets the requirement of international standard.

Company Policy of Integrated Management System:

  • With an efficient operation and integrated management system, we strive to continuously improving the efficiency and quality, meeting the relevant laws and regulations, regulatory institutions and customer needs and also providing quality services;
  • In order to ensure quality, protect the environment and reduce accidents, we identify, correct, and/or control of quality weaknesses and assess environmental factors and occupational health & safety risks;
  • Compliance with quality, environmental protection and occupational health & safety related legislations and other requirements; regularly review the suitability of this policy and the objectives whether that can be achieved;
  • We strive to achieving the company goals by providing high efficient and quality service to meet customer needs, improve occupational health & safety, and reduce environmental pollution.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

E&K Cleaning aims to build upon its strengths as a professional cleaning service provider whilst upholding a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

E&K Cleaning always support and take an active role in such issue. In order to further enhance our commitment on environmental protection, we awarded certificate of ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System in November 2010. EM system is integrated into our daily operation and services. We also encourage the use of environmental best practices to all employees, contractors, suppliers and other business partners.

Internally, we have implemented a no. of program for environmental protection. For example, we encourage our employees to reduce paper and energy consumption and replace all conventional lighting by LED tube lights in head office. Externally, we assess and identify all impacts to the environment whenever we operate. Also we use green cleaning products, pesticides and equipment; actively participate in environmental protection activities organized by our customers and partners like waste recycling campaigns; and also advocate energy saving and waste separation and recycling.

Occupational Health & Safety Management

Occupational Health & Safety Management

E&K Cleaning’s efforts in the area of occupational health & safety were recognized in November 2010. We achieved the certificate audit of OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard. The result demonstrates the E&K Cleaning’s commitment to occupational health and safety management.

E&K Cleaning has established a clear safety culture within the company wherein each employee sticks first and recognizes that the safety of customers and partners should be treated with the same importance as that of our own employees. Therefore, we set up safe work instructions and measures and consider “occupation safety and health” as one of the company core cultures. We provide adequate resources and tools like personal protection equipment (PPE) for our employees. Besides, top management’s direct participation on addressing the root causes of accidents will definitely help promoting safety awareness and raising the safety standard.

Working Instruction and Procedure

All employees should be acquainted with clear working instructions and operating procedures in order to reduce risks and accidents. Usage and maintenance of equipment and machine, procedures for emergency and incidents handling and risk assessment are provided. Periodical check and maintenance of equipment and machine is carried out seriously to prevent injury and accident happened in the workplace. Through well-developed health and safety culture and system, we target zero injury and accident in the workplace.